Bodyweight Exercise Workout Generator

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We're not trainers. Don't get hurt. bla bla bla.

First, warm up: 10 jumping jacks

Second, stretch: triceps/shoulders (arms over head, grab elbow, lean), touch toes, trunk twists

Third, do the following:

Fourth, stretch again

Finally, do at least 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week - go for a hilly 5k run or head to the pool if you're due.


Crossfit and Gym Jones are inspirational, but we're not ready for that level of work yet. What's more, the only dedicated exercise equipment we own are running shoes and a pullup bar. Still, we want to exercise, and it would be nice to get up to Crossfit workouts eventually. We've decided to start doing some all-body functional strength type exercises - hopefully this page will help. With this page, anyone can grab a random list of 5 body-weight exercises for an intense 5 or 10 minute workout.

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